Are You Flushing Profits Down the Toilet?

At The SoapMobile we often focus on kitchen cleanliness, but unkempt bathrooms can send customers running faster than just about any other reason.

Considering all the media exposure to dirty establishments on TV reality shows, and the many choices of places to eat on every city block, patrons are now extra cautious about cleanliness.  First impression is everything. Your customer may never see how clean (or dirty) your kitchen is, but they will likely see your bathrooms.  If a bathroom is dirty or soap dispensers are empty, then they will likely assume the same is true (or worse!) in the kitchen.

Ed Zimmerman of suggests having a checklist that your staff uses daily to ensure every aspect of your restrooms and entire establishment, are properly and regularly maintained. His point is clear in stating, “Clean bathrooms might be the most important marketing job in your restaurant”.  According to a recent survey by Harris Interactive, nearly 3 in 10 consumers surveyed said there are no second chances with dirty restrooms — and they would never return to the restaurant again. If the public-facing restrooms are unkempt, of course patrons will have doubts about the standards in the kitchen.

And probably worst of all, you can be sure that restaurant patrons who have a negative experience with a bathroom, from dirty toilets to grimy soap dispenses to bad odors, will tell friends and family about this experience, guaranteeing they too will think twice before coming to your restaurant.  Sparkling bathrooms, kitchens, tableware and more is the first line in ensuring your restaurant’s success.

The SoapMobile can help keep you on the path to clean bathrooms and happy customers!  From our professionally maintained dispensers to all the best cleaning products on the market, just let us know how we can help make your restaurant sparkle.