Prevent Food Poisoning: No one wants to puke after eating at your restaurant

Your restaurant has all the makings for success: a great space, a top notch chef, a wonderful staff.  You’re reputation is spreading like wildfire and business is booming!  When suddenly one of your guests is struck by food poisoning.  Bacteria left behind from raw meats and seafood are among the leading causes of food poisoning in restaurants.  And no news spreads faster than negative press — this one incident can significantly damage all of your hard earned accolades in one fell swoop.

Preventing this type of scenario is possible.  Keeping food at correct temperatures, hands washed, and surfaces spotless are essential.   Having a soap dispenser and sink within reach of a food prep area makes hand washing a breeze, even at the busiest of times.  Here are some more details about preventing food poisoning from our friends at wiseGEEK and be sure to ask your SoapMobile Clean Freak to show you the best cleaning products to ensure your success!