bio-d action caps

Bio-D Action Caps

Biodegradable Dish Machine Detergent

Product Description

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High Performance Biodegradable Detergent Powder for Automatic Dish Washing Machines

Bio-D Action Caps is a heavy duty dish machine biodegradable detergent that removes even the toughest food and grease stains from your dishes. Its heavy duty powder formula is specifically designed give your dishes and glassware the shine they need to impress your customers or guests.

Why are Bio-D Action Caps so important?
Keeping your dishes and glasses clean is essential to the life of your business. Cleaning your soiled wares is a major success or failure point for health inspectors, and it can make or break your establishment’s reputation. If you want to make sure your business continues to grow and abide by federal, state, and local laws. Choosing the correct commercial chemicals is critical. That is why Action Caps is an essential cleaning product for your commercial ware washing operation. Action Caps is cost efficient, designed to minimize waste, and cleans your wares better than the rest.

How to use Action Caps
Action Caps is recommended for commercial ware washing machines. Remove detergent container cover. Do not remove screen cap. Place container upside down in the Action Caps dispenser. To remove used container, carefully lift it from the dispenser. Use cover from the new container to seal the used container. Dispose of used container immediately. Do not reuse the empty container.

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