bio-d action solid

Bio-D Action Solid

No Phosphate Dish Machine Detergent

Product Description

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No Phosphate Dish Machine Detergent

Bio D Action solid is a solid dish machine detergent containing less than .05% elemental phosphorus. Like regular Action Caps, this product is economical yet effective to use and environmentally friendly.

Tough on Grease, Easy on the Environment

Bio-D Action Solid produces quality results at a minimum of cost and removes the most difficult food soils including grease, fats, oils, protein and food stains. It is ideal and safe to use on all fine china, glass, crystal, silver, stainless steel, copper, and alkali-resistant plastic tableware. Corrosion inhibited to protect delicate machine parts. Inhibits lime and scale build up. Bio- D Action Solid is a high performance dish detergent designed for the environment and approved by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

How to use Bio-D Action Solid

Remove detergent container cover. Place container open end down in Bio-D Action Solid dispenser. To remove used container, carefully lift it from the dispenser. Use cover from the new container to seal the used container. Dispose of used container immediately. Do not reuse the empty container. If product contacts hands, wash off immediately. CAUTION: Use gloves to avoid irritation or rashes. Do not get into eyes. If eye contact is made, flush with lots of water for ten minutes. Seek medical attention immediately.

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