bio-d bone dry

Bio-D Bone Dry

High Performance Rinse Additive

Product Description

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Environmentally Friendly High Performance Rinse Additive

This concentrated rinse additive causes water to sheet off dishes, glassware, etc. in machine dishwashing operations. It provides rapid drying to eliminate water spotting. Performs under a wide range of water hardness to prevent deposition of solids. Use Bone Dry through Cleanse Tec’s specified dispensing equipment.

How does Bio-D Bone Dry work?
Bio-D Bone Dry Environmentally Friendly High Performance Rinse Additive from Cleanse Tec is a concentrated liquid rinse additive which reduces rinse water surface tension, providing rapid sheeting for spot free drying. It is formulated for use in high and low temperatures, energy efficient dishwashers. This rinse aid is a highly active surfactant blend that is an excellent drying agent that makes glassware shining. Its excellent sheeting action helps eliminate alkaline and hard water deposits from flatware, glasses and dish-ware.

Bone Dry is safe and simple to use!
Place pickup tube from dish machine dispensing system into container. Product will be automatically injected during the rinse cycle. Follow instructions on your Dish Machine Procedures poster or consult your Service Representative for additional application information. Bone Dry is available in 1 gallon bottles and 5 gallon buckets.

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