bio-d solid gold

Bio-D Solid Gold

Biodegradable Solid Pot & Pan Cleaner

Product Description

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Environmentally Friendly Pot & Pan Cleaner

Bio-D Solid Gold is an amazing all natural citrus cleaner which is designed for a multitude of industrial and institutional cleaning. Bio-D Solid Gold also specializes in removing grease and deodorizing your wares.

Why is Bio-D Solid Gold so good?
Bio-D Solid Gold is an efficient cleaning solution that utilizes micro cellular technology to obtain maximum cleaning efficiency without chlorinated hydrocarbons, alkalies, or acids. Bio-D Solid Gold is a 100% active, environmentally sound product. This cleaning solution contains no phosphates or volatile chemicals, which is good for our natural habitat. Bio-D Solid Gold is a solid manual dish detergent that maximizes the natural cleaning power of water combined with a minimum amount of chemical designed to clean at high volumes while saving you money. One jar of Solid Gold is more effective that 10 gallons of liquid dish detergent.

Solid Gold is safe and simple to use.
Remove detergent container cover. Place container open end down in Bio-D Solid Gold dispenser. To remove used container, carefully lift it from the dispenser. Use cover from new container to seal the used container. Dispose of used container immediately. Do not reuse the empty container. If product contacts hands, wash off immediately.

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