kitchen care

Kitchen Care

Commercial Kitchen Floor Cleaner

Product Description

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Commercial Kitchen Floor Cleaner

Kitchen Care is a cleaning solution that is a concentrated cleanser and degreaser designed specifically for commercial kitchen floor cleaning. Can also be used as an all purpose cleaner on surfaces such as formica, oves, bathroom tiles, grease filters and more. Kitchen Care is safe to use on all metals, including aluminum ovens.

A Simple Cleaning Solution

Kitchen Care should only be cut using official Soap Mobile dispensing equipment. Be sure to fill floor mop allowing solution to penetrate scuff marks, food soil, or stains. Once the mopping is complete, ring out the mop and proceed mopping again using fresh water and mop to pick up excess solution. Allow to air dry.

Cleanse Your Kitchen Floor

Multi-purpose Kitchen Care gives off a fresh scent. Cleaning and deodorize in a single time-saving solution. Not just for walls. Use on a variety of surfaces including woodwork. Ideal to use in kitchens, schools, hotel rooms, lobbies, and other public areas. The Soap Mobile’s state of the art dispensing system is available for dilution purposes for use on the lightest to the heaviest soil. Kitchen Care is packaged in 32 ounce sprays, one gallon bottles, 5 gallon buckets, and factory direct bulk sizes.