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Soft Hands

Creamy Hand Soap


Product Description

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Soft Hands: Soft Creamy Hand Soap

Soft Hands is our soft, creamy hand soap that is now available in several varieties! Each soap type can be made into a foaming or gel formula. It cleans & moisturizes better than the leading bar soaps. A moisturizing cleanser with different pleasant scents, although odorless variants are available. Soft Hands cleans completely! This rich, creamy formula creates lots of soft lather to clean thoroughly, removing all kinds of dirt and germs. Tough on grime but gentle on your skin. Our hand soap products have been trusted by many businesses throughout the years. This pH-balanced formula will leave your skin feeling clean and soft. Enjoy this clean, soft fragrance every time you wash your hands! This liquid formula is more sanitary and more cost efficient than bars of soap. Treat your hands to a spa day with Soft Hands.

Luxury in a bottle
Luxurious hand soap keeps hands clean without drying them out. This comes in a foaming and non- foaming formula options. For maximum foaming, use only specially designed foaming dispensers. Keep your customers and employees happy with this elegant hand soap.

Wash Your Hands!
This unique formula has a soft and creamy texture that is easy on your hands, but tough enough to clean the most harsh dirt and grime. ONLY USE this product with a proper Soap Mobile hand soap dispenser. Do not mix with other chemicals.